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Partnerships are essential to the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command because they further strengthen our ability to deliver the Army’s modernization priorities and design the force of the future.

The two most common methods of partnering with us are through Cooperative Research and Development Agreements and through Patent License Agreements (PLA).

CRADAs allow one or more of our laboratories and one or more non-federal parties to enter into agreements to conduct specified research and development-related activities that are consistent with the laboratory’s mission. We currently participate in more than 600 CRADAs.

PLAs are a method for private entities to license DEVCOM-patented intellectual property.

We also partner with the Army Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer Programs, which give small businesses an opportunity to identify, develop and demonstrate highly innovative technologies for Army Soldiers


DEVCOM works with hundreds of domestic and international industry and academic partners, as well as other Army organizations and Department of Defense laboratories, to develop and test science and technology efforts and then send them to a program executive office, or program management office, to get the most-advanced technology into Soldiers’ hands more quickly.


DEVCOM has academic partnerships with universities across the globe that support modernization efforts. These partnerships are critical to accomplishing our mission to lead the research, development and engineering of next-generation capabilities to make the U.S. Army more lethal than ever.

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DEVCOM maintains a steady stream of world-class technology through its partnerships with other government organizations, academia and industry. Our six research and development centers, Army research laboratory, data analysis center, and global team collaborate work with hundreds of nontraditional defense companies and industry to strengthen our extensive technology portfolio. Through these partnerships, we develop, integrate and deliver technology to support Multi-Domain Operations 2028, while also maintaining a balance of scientific research for technology that may be developed in 2050 and beyond.

Small Businesses

The Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs were established in 1982 to better equip and protect our Soldiers so they can continue to dominate the virtual and physical battlespace. These programs allow small, high-tech U.S. businesses – those with less than 500 employees – and academia to provide innovative research and development solutions in response to critical Army needs. By capturing the tremendous and agile talents of the U.S. small business community, the SBIR and STTR programs develop and demonstrate highly innovative technologies with strong commercialization potential to satisfy Department of Defense and private industry needs.


DEVCOM is committed to ensuring the Army has access to the world’s best science and technology through strategically located international offices that develop interoperable relationships with allies and close partners, conduct extensive technology search with foreign governments, industry and academia, and provide robust science and technology support to U.S. Army Combatant Commands and U.S. Army Service Component Commands.

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