The DEVCOM team comprises eight reporting units and three regionally aligned international elements that work around the globe to make this vision a reality:

  • Army Research Laboratory: provides disruptive fundamental research that is shaped and informed by Army concepts and underpins Army modernization. ARL is the Army’s sole Corporate Laboratory for basic research.
  • Armaments Center: is the Army’s principal researcher, developer and sustainer of current and future armament and munitions systems.
  • Aviation & Missile Center: is the Army’s home for research, exploratory and advanced development, and engineering support for aviation and missile weapons systems.
  • C5ISR Center: The Command, Control, Computers, Communications, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Center, located at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, is the Army’s information technologies and integrated systems center. It is the expert for the applied research, development and integration of offensive and defensive networked capabilities.
  • DEVCOM Analysis Center: is the Army’s largest in-house analytical capability informing modernization decisions and evaluating near-term Warfighter readiness.
  • Ground Vehicle Systems Center: is the Army’s home for research, development, integration and lifecycle engineering support for current and future advanced military ground combat and tactical vehicle systems.
  • Soldier Center: is the national and international leader in science and engineering related to warfighter performance, protection, sustainment and simulation.
  • Forward Elements: serve as the DEVCOM interface to enable decisive Multi-Domain Operations by identifying cooperative science and technology opportunities; facilitating interaction with foreign government and non-government entities and industry; promoting interoperability among allies; and supporting basic and applied research to develop capabilities and partner capacity that support the U.S. Army.

We believe in getting out of the scientific lab and into the dirt.

We take calculated risks and find new solutions every day. Our experts drive scientific discovery, advance and improve existing technologies, and engineer solutions to technical limitations.

We believe in the power of collaboration.

Our insight and experience with the realities faced by troops in a combat setting, coupled with our longstanding partnerships across academia, the defense industry, small businesses and international allies, place us at the center of a global ecosystem of innovators.

We believe in fostering a culture of trust, creativity and diversity of thought and background.

From supporting STEM summer camps and collegiate internships, to providing unique continuing education and professional development opportunities and investing in world-class laboratory facilities – we know any investment in the STEM talent pipeline is an investment in our shared national security and way of life.

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